Binary Options Terminology

Binary Options Terminology. Binary Options Trading has gained massive popularity in the last few years mainly because of its simplicity and appeal to the general public.

Real Account: This means your actual money in your broker’s account.

Demo Account: This is a practice account, and the numbers in the balance are fake, not real money.

Put or Low Option: Sell Symbols

Call or High Option: Buy Symbols

Balance: Total your money in the broker.

Broker: A company, Brokerage, or Website that allows you to trade binary options.

Current rate: it represents the current price of the asset.

Binary Options Terminology

Range option: Limited Binary Options brokers offer you to trade on the range; for instance, the market price of EURUSD is 1.2010. You will predict that the market price will be between 1.2020 and 1.2000 in the next 5 minutes, then you can open Range Option.

Expiration Time: When will the option expire? The expiration time is completely accurate by Seconds and milliseconds.

Rate of Profit: The percentage of money you get as a return after a trade expires.

Fundamental Analysis: Analyze and predict market movements according to the financial, political, geopolitical, demographic, and macroeconomic news factors and others.

Technical analysis: Another way to analyze the market according to the mathematical the main needed for specialized analyzers is historical price data and volume charts.

iqoption Binary Options Terminology

Binary Options Terminology

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