Trading Binary Options in 2020 after ESMA’s decision to ban them

Trading Binary Options in 2020 after ESMA decides to ban them

ESMA is short for the European Securities and Markets Authority, a supranational European organization that oversees financial markets and aims to increase investor protection and contribute to the financial system’s stability.

Simply put, this EU organization has as members the Financial regulators of EU countries and tries to make financial regulations and offer financial instruments equal across all EU countries (convergence) by issuing general guidelines. If you are a Binary Options EU trader, read our article “Trading Binary Options in 2020 after ESMA Decides to Ban them”!

If you are a retail trader who wants to trade Binary Options with an EU-regulated broker, then ESMA’s ban applies to you. The only way to trade Binaries with an EU broker is if you are on-boarded as a “professional trader.”

You can continue trading Binary Options as a retail trader if your broker is not from the EU and it is regulated in other jurisdictions!

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Trading Binary Options in 2020 after ESMA decides to ban them

Many brokers may have a European-based company regulated in Europe, and another company registered in Australia or Malaysia to service each market. As a retail trader, you can request an account with one of the other ‘offshore’ or non-European companies with the same brand.

For an alternative, many binary options brokers have created similar products to binaries but made them different enough to dodge the ban. These include FX Options. Expect more to follow. While not strictly binaries anymore, many of the same strategies will work.

Trading Binary Options in 2020 after ESMA decides to ban them

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